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Animals For Kids helps children learn to identify animals
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Animals For Kids is a simple utility which helps children learn to identify animals. Kids have the possibility to make the distinction among 60 different domestic and wild animals.
Animal names are written in small labels and arranged alphabetically for easy search. A click on the selected label brings in front of you an image of the animal which hides behind. When clicking on the image or pressing the spacebar, kids hear the name of the animal followed by the sound released by it. Instead of making so many clicks, the program allows you to select "autoplay". When this option is initialized, the animals' drawings are randomly displayed for five seconds each, together with hearing their specific sound.

If the computer has an Internet connection, you can show your kid more details about a certain animal. You have access to three links which instantly connect you to Google Images, Google search, and Wikipedia.

Animals For Kids is an educational program which helps children associate images, sounds, and names of the most common animals.

Amelia Wagner
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  • Kids learn to identify animals, both from images or sounds they make
  • It provides links to Internet for more information


  • It has no other options except autoplay
  • The voice pronouncing the names of the animals is too distant and cold
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